The True Cost

I really want to share a movie I’ve seen quite recently in my school about a theme that always been on my mind.

It’s about the sustainability issue in fashion and how fast fashion has accelerated global warning, destruction of habitats and the degradation of human rights.

Despite offering jobs in third world countries, they don’t provide basic needs, sufficient salary and hours of rest at work and therefore mistreating employees. The manipulation of fabric involves use of chemicals, polluting rivers that local animals and people will drink and many will catch diseases because of it, and the fact that the river its contaminated and spreading throughout the sea, it’s also alarming. Brands such as Zara (and all Inditex group), H&M, Forever 21, Topshop, Primark, C&A, etc. produce enormous amounts of clothing that allures the public on buying more that what they need. This leads to putting constantly in the trash not so old garments, ending up on a pile of non-biodegradable fabric waiting for a day that will never come, the day they’ll disappear. If you’re thinking that the best option is burning the clothes, think again! That will only send CO2 and other chemicals to the atmosphere worsening the ozone layer effect.

I asked my teachers what could we do to help, since many times people feel that they’re already helping by talking about the problem but that’s hardly enough! We need solutions and action and it seems that social media is not being effective on those steps on overcoming certain issues. With that being said, some things you could do are:

// Sign petitions;

// Buy second hand clothes or go to thrift shops -yes guys, they are vintage, cooler and you will hardly find someone with the some piece! Do you know many old school high fashion clothing can be found there with lower prices?! I’m talking about Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, D&G, DKNY type of high fashion between 150 to 600 dollars! Besides, my fashion teacher only buys clothes like that and she has an style!- So, go veggie clothing!

// Inform the brand about your concerns with the production of their clothing, e-mail them, make questions, BUGGED them! They may hate that but they’ll hate loosing costumers more!

// Wanting to shut down textile companies because you know how people suffer there, is not actually a solution because they need that job, it is a job! They just need to improve conditions, we have to make sure we´re demanding that from our seamstresses.

// If you can afford it, continue buying high-end fashion devoted to craftsmanship and choose selected companies that produce the best quality products with the brightest technique like Stella McCartney (who makes a great effort on green ethics since the start of the brand) Chanel, D&G, Valentino, Céline, Aquazzura etc.

// Finally, be curious to know more about what people are making to the world you live, make movies like this! This movie was a project made by a guy that wanted to know where our clothes came from, he then spread the documentary free for everyone to see. Today is a powerful tool against this crazy capitalist system.

To watch the movie for free, click here: The True Cost Movie

p.s- feel free to navigate through the website also, specially into the Learn More section.

Rita Borges



Episode One // The Phantom Menace

Hiiii you guys!!

So excited to announce that I’m launching my own first blog ever!

I’ve never pictured myself being a fashion blogger type of girl and I’m not starting now but I definitely understand after some lectures and my teachers from Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design encouraging everyone to put ourselves out there, so I’m gonna make this website my own, with all my insights on fashion, photography, inspiration and interests. At the same time this will allow me to research and go further on topics I do not dominate and help keeping me update on the latest news, making who’s keeping up with me also better inform and curious.

That doesn’t mean that if I’m digging my outfit I don’t make an #OOTD but I’m a pretty nerdy/curious being and as I grew up sometimes I wanted to had someone to explain and put my puzzle pieces together instead of just showing their unique style that I wouldn’t want to copy anyway -although some are a hell of an inspiration. Quick shout out to Margaret Zhang, YOYO Cao, Miraduma, Eva Chen, Alexa Chung, Vanessa Hong, Sara Müller, Christina Paik, Chiara Ferragni and Gigi Hadid for being amazing fashion bloggers, models and editors that make me say “drop dead gorgeous” every time.

Nevertheless, my Instagram (@ritawndrlnd) was and still is my most proud social media platform, I’m total engaged with it sharing my life through my passion for photography, fashion and design. With this blog, it becomes the second proudest online experience -besides Tumblr but that’s just for inspiration with no work of my own.

So about the name of the blog, “kokoro” is a fantastic Japanese word meaning heart, but not as a body organ but rather as a feeling, of passion, loving and caring. Maybe ‘laters’ I explain you why the Asian influence -that you can already see by my most inspirational (fashion) women stated above.

Without further ado, I welcome you to my kokoro(s)!

Rita Borges