Her Kokoro on Instagram

The newest news in Wonderland town: Her Kokoro has hit Instagram (IG) to take on a new approach.

Since I was a child, colours, and patterns would catch my attention frequently, it was the biggest reason I loved certain cartoons, animes, movies or series, and female actresses that were able to wear amazing combos of clothing with a great cut and an awesome pattern would become my hero. This has become a fascination that perpetuated until today and more recently I’ve come up with the idea that I could collide everything that somehow caught my attention, fascinated me and to my eyes, are a font of inspiration and uniqueness. It doesn’t matter nationality, skin colour, wealth, and popularity. What’s cool about Her Kokoro IG are photo filters, model’s pose, photographer’s vision, it factor, flavour, model’s intensity and connection to the setting, irreverent and different clothing, future trends.

Here’s the link for Her Kokoro IG, and you can check recent IG uploads on the sidebar (where you can find the Instagram link as well)

Link: https://www.instagram.com/herkokoro/


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