How people perceive quality might have more to do with how people view themselves, others and what their standards are, rather than the genuine qualification one should give to an artistry or invention, compared to what it’s out there in the same category.

Moonassi Artwork

Especially in the art business, the perception of quality towards other brands or people’s body of work has always been severely shifted towards what the multitude is ‘feeling it’ at the time. Idolatry is a fundamental tool for an everlasting ‘Midas touch’, and combining that with a highly positive opinion from relevant reference groups, seems to be sufficient to help them stay in the same lane and take it by reference.

However, could this be the base for defining what’s innovative and classified it has a very good art piece? There’s always the thought that relying on media’s reviews and statements are what’s necessary to really understand quality. More often than not, it’s a subject that most likely will bring buzz (or was paid to get a feature) and that’s why it’s been given so much relevance, despite other’s work might look more likely to be winners to some. How sure can someone’s be on the reliance given to media on this topic? And even if it’s a case where specialists delved into a specific matter, they normally review immensely, so it should always be taken into consideration that they are people, in possession of moods and life journeys. And even if they can stay very impartial – which is ideal and shows the ethic needed to this profession – there’s always a sense of boredom, vulgarity or specific taste that lingers just enough to make the difference. Also, the more experienced they are, the more they tend to grab the norm as an example, not leaving space on the plate for spiciness or that ingredient we never thought it could change everything. Therefore, who must we rely on?

Quality is a perception skill based on measurement and attributing value, that gets better with experience. It varies according to personal taste and interest, yet from time to time, there’s this sparkle that no one can really deny it’s outstanding output. So a vast majority can still be reached, supporting an idea that quality can rarely be understood as the same, although it’s not impossible. A trick to understand the quality or relevance in something is waiting and observe what really stays around for years to come.

In any matter a human might ever reach, uncertainty will follow. Quality’s not expected to be something mathematical scored, but let us take a close attention to the universe we are digging. We must explore to know, no one can ever not do their homework expecting to learn the lesson.

Idolization is not a very functional tool and must not be confused with admiration. Admire someone or something to the extent of their quality, the inspiration they can give you to help you create your own; not what you think others think it’s cool to be. If you think it’s cool, do your homework. You might be surprised by the quantity of noise out there, that can certainly be better that what you can find on the surface. The more you practice the art of research, the better you will become at understanding, comparing, and attributing quality where it’s deserved by knowing what is good – in any field of your life honestly. Be critical to what actions you’re viewing and want are the ones that make sense reproducing, even if it comes from an idol. We are all responsible for incrementing quality in anything we do, we are all role models!

We built our sense of quality as we built anything else in life: by trial and error, but mostly, by searching more than what they say it’s necessary!


Rita Borges


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